With the help of Elementor Page Builder, anyone now can design any kind of website. But making a professional site is too much time-consuming. To reduce this pain, we’ve brought The Happy Feature: Preset in HappyAddons Pro. You can use pre-made designs on your site within single clicks. It will save valuable time. 400+ design presets are available in the HappyAddons Pro.

Cross Domain
Copy Paste

Designing a website takes time, takes hard work. So starting from scratch every time is not wise at all.

In the Elementor page builder currently, we have the option to copy and paste elements within a single domain. But right now there is no option to copy a widget or a section from one domain to another domain. But Don’t you ever dream of copy-pasting elements from other domains which you have done for your different client? Because you have to do repetitive works for making simple elements like buttons, cards, team members, etc.

Unlimited Section Nesting

The unlimited section nesting feature will help you to create a limitless section within the existing single section of Elementor Page Builder. You wished, we heard. Now you can create designs which were previously impossible with stock elementor sections and columns by creating unlimited nested sections.

Live Copy

There is a common complaint, it’s impossible to make the exact demo-like design on a personal website. Well, this won’t be the case anymore. With the HappyAddons Pro, now you can copy any design from HappyAddons Demo site to your main site with the Live Section Copy feature. The magic is you will be able to copy from frontend to elementor edit panel. Isn’t it amazing? 

Image Masking

Sometime the square or circular shape image is not enough to create a good design in elementor. We might need different types of creative and unusual image shape. HappyAddons is introducing custom shape image to bring a creative touch in your design. Now you will be able to convert your square image into lovely custom shape. No hassle just upload your image and choose your shape, Boom, Just done. Very Easy.

Site Sync

The best practice before creating a website is to build a testing or staging environment. After analyzing and finalizing the design in the staging site, you need to take the hard way of making it live manually. Moreover, it consumes a lot of your precious time. Don’t worry, with the Site Sync feature, now you will easily able to create a replica page by a single click in sync option. So its very easily to get your live site up and running from the staging state.

Floating Effect

Now you can create stunning animations for any Elementor widget using this this exclusive floating feature. Its totally Free. Not only HappyAddons widget, Translate, Rotate or Scale your ANY widget with this magical feature. Now imagination is the limit!

CSS Transform

Another missing piece, a great enhancement over core Elementor that works seamlessly with every widget. You can now apply various CSS transforms like translate, rotate, scale and skew without any limitations. Make your design outstanding with this unique feature

On Demand Asset Loading

Our brilliant asset engine makes sure to keep your pages lean and fat free by loading only css or javascript assets from only the widgets that was used to design your pages

Widget Background Overlay

Background overlay functionality is in the core of the Elementor Page Builder. But you can only add an overlay on some selected widgets. Even if you’re using any third-party addons, then you can have a few more but not the ultimate solution. But in our HappyAddons, you will be able to add background overlay in any widget wherever you need. On top of that, this global feature lets you add an overlay color or image on any third-party widgets too.

500+ Line Icon

Elementor Page Builder has the set of Flat Awesome 5 icons. Anyone can continue their basic work with that icon set. But sometimes you need more line icons for making a difference in your web design. Happy Addons is providing 500+ line icons which definitely fillup basic need for the icons. And more will be included in the future if you like it.

Custom Column Order

Currently, on Elementor Page Builder we have no control over managing the column order on mobile responsive mood. If you have plenty of columns on your page then you need this feature. You can manage the order of every column as per your needs.

Happy Clone

Unlike other duplicator plugins, Happy Clone works in a smarter way. With this feature, you can clone your desired posts/pages from the Elementor Finder right away. When you open the finder of Elementor Page builder(CMD / CTRL + E), you can search any page or post there. Right on the search panel, you will find the Happy Clone option as well. Just click and clone it.

Fixed Size Button

With elementor button its very hard to make a 100% circular button. Some time its almost impossible to make it circular. To make it circular we have to manage button padding with is very painful and time consuming. HappyAddons added a new field “Fixed Size” in the button setting. So now you will be able to declare the size for your 100% circular button.

Grid Layout

Web designers are very use to with this grid system in photoshop, sketch, figma etc. This grid system helps designers to keep the elements in a proper alignment whole over the page. Moreover you can follow the rules of third in you design with this grid system. Now with this feature you will able to design your section or page like as Photoshop, sketch etc.

Wrapper Link

We have limited scope to hyperlink within Elementor. If we want to highly engaged pages with several links to different segments, then we have to depend on hardcore coding. But with the help of the Wrapper Link feature now, you can hyperlink any column, section & widgets. It’s such an easy peasy solution.