Custom Shape Image

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Custom Shape Image

Sometime the square or circular shape image is not enough to create a good design in elementor. We might need different types of creative and unusual image shape. HappyAddons is introducing custom shape image to bring a creative touch in your design. Now you will be able to convert your square image into lovely custom shape. No hassle just upload your image and choose your shape, Boom, Just done. Very Easy. 

Why you need this feature?

Custom shape image is a lovely and awesome feature for UI designers. We have to use Photoshop or other image editing tools to make a creative custom shape image in elementor. But right now you will be able to bring a unusual creative shape in your image without using any photo editing tools. Happy Addons bring this feature with lots of svg custom shape. parallelly if the pre made svg shapes don’t meet you requirement you are able to upload you own svg shape to bring the desired shape

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